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We leverage the internet of things so your company can communicate wirelessly in a safe and secure network.
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Come Back to Work with Confidence

We want to help instill confidence in your customers and your staff by supplying you with rigorous health and safety protocols for your back-to-work program.

Our neutralizing portals will add an extra layer of safety at your entrance.
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disinfectant tunnel by Wytcote

Return to Work With Confidence

WytCote’s Neutralization Portals are designed for use in a variety of settings - such as commercial buildings, schools, public venues hospitals and senior care facilities - where large numbers of employees, visitors/patients, vendors and the general public may be making entry into a facility.

Best in Class Service

What makes the Wytcote Sure-Clean Portals unique is that they do not ‘disinfect’—as so many other available solutions claim. Instead, our Portals render viruses and pathogens inactive. How, you might ask?
disinfectant tunnel from Wytcote Wellnessdisinfectant tunnel from Wytcote Wellness


Wytcote’s Sure-Clean Portals utilize a specially formulated solution that has been proven to effectively dissolve the [lipid] outer layer of viruses—including COVID 19—which essentially deactivates their ability to reproduce, and hence, renders them incapacitated.
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Watch for yourself

Our Sure-Clean portal is the Solution you Need.

No Wetting of clothes, skin, hair or belongings.
No irritation to skin, eyes or respiratory tract.

There's More!

Our Portals work automatically the moment someone enters (for 15 seconds) and returns to standby-mode, ready for the next person to enter.

Leaves no residue

Our 20 micron drop systems leaves user without feeling any residue from walking through the tunnel

Won't stain clothes

Your clothes are safe when you walk through our portals. In fact, it's even safe for food.


Our system exceeds government regulations and is currently in wide use in Europe.

Easily postitioned

Our portal is designed for quick and easy position to wherever suites your needs.

We Offer Two Solutions for your Business.

Walk Through Portal

Our Sure-Clean formula is automatically dispensed as someone enters the portal.

Above Door Mister

Our Sure-Clean formula is automatically dispensed as someone is detected beneath the unit

Optional Accessories

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser
  • Specialized Floor Mats
  • Ramp (for Wheelchair access)
  • Anti-Slip Mat
  • UV-C Lighting
  • Thermal-Sensing Camera
  • Warning Signaling (Light and Sound)

We'll create a solution that is perfect for you.

Our team knows every business is different. Our on staff engineers and project coordinators can create the perfect solution to get your business back to work with confidence.  Just call
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