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New Rapid Serology Antibody Test for Coronavirus COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG Antibody Fast Detection Kit
EUA Authorized
Wytcote is proud to distribute New Rapid Antibody serology tests for 
Coronavirus COVID-19 using Lateral Flow Assay

5 Leading Reason to Buy from Wytcote

  1. FDA: Tests that have Emergency Use Authorization.
  2. All tests have been independently validated.
  3. Specificity >97%
  4. Sensitivity >95%
  5. Rapid Results using lateral flow technology.


Wytcote distributes several FDA Emergency Use Authorized tests that can fit your requirements. The antibody test can help determine previous exposure to the virus SARS-CoV-2.


All the of Wytcote's tests have been independently tested by the NIH/NCI and the performance data is publicly available on the FDA website and our website.


All of the tests Wytcote distributes have specificity and sensitivity exceeding FDA requirements at over 95%.


All results from Wytcote distributed tests are available within 15 minutes of administering the COVID-19 test.

Our Antibody Test Kits

Each test box has an HCP and Recipient leaflet which is downloadable.
Each box of antibody text kits come with full Instructions For Use (IFU) and is also downloadable from our website. These test kits are available to healthcare professionals and laboratories with laboratory licenses.

See our Antibody Test Kits

Looking for Antigen Tests?

We have those as well!
Wytcote Antigen test KitLEARN MORE

We are Proud to Particpate in the CHOC Children's Hospital Study

"While COVID-19 antibody screening is in its infancy, CHOC Children’s is pleased to help share data and contribute to this important conversation as the world’s scientific community unites in a race toward universal testing, antiviral treatment, and the development of a vaccine in order to permit a scientifically-based return to normalcy."
Dr. Terence Sanger
CHOC’s vice president of research and chief scientific officer.